Garden Grove Gang Member convicted of attempted murder

March 3, 2010

Garden Grove, Orange County - Garden Grove gang member, Ivan Garcia, was found guilty of shooting a Garden Grove resident outside of his home. Garcia was convicted of attempted murder and street terrorism, with penalty enhancements for gang activity. He is also convicted of unlawful firearm. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

The victim, David Pulga, was close to his Orange County Garden Grove home when he was shot several times by two gang members in Garden Grove. His wife reported to the Garden Grove police. From this injury he suffers memory loss, physical control and no longer has basic motor skills. The DNA evidence retrieved helped police find the Orange County attempted murder suspect, Ivan Garcia. Garden Grove police also found second gang member linked to this attempted murder case by the tagging. Cesar Mina also known as "Sleepy" has been tied to the shooting.

According to Orange County criminal attorney Michael Guisti, who has successfully handled many high profile felony crime cases, murder crime defense and attempted murder cases, states that "attempted murder" can be found under the California Penal code 187 which defines murder as the unlawful killing of a human being. The punishments for murder are the most severe among all other crimes, and it is the most aggressively prosecuted crime. The punishments for murder crimes, such as attempted murder, first degree murder, second degree murder, homicide and manslaughter, are very harsh, it could carry very long term prison sentences, the death penalty and heavy fines. The consequences could impact a person's entire life.

Orange County criminal defense attorney also explains that a person committed a murder or any other crime as part of a gang could also face gang enhancements. An enhancement is defined under California Penal code 186.22. This law states that any person committed of a felony in California can have their sentenced enlarged if it was to benefit the gang. If you have committed a felony for the gang, you could face an additional 4 years of prison time.

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