Weekend Southern California DUI Checkpoints

January 13, 2012

Santa Ana, Orange County - As another holiday weekend approaches some people may take the time to have a couple more drinks, but be advised of DUI checkpoints.

Right now we only know of one DUI Checkpoint in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana Police will conduct a DUI Checkpoint Friday, January 13 from 7:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. at 1500 E. McFadden Avenue.

Do You Know of Any DUI Checkpoints this Weekend?

If you know of any specific DUI checkpoints in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside or San Diego occurring this weekend or anytime during the week please let us know on our Facebook page.

"What if I see a DUI checkpoint ahead, can I legally turnaround and refuse to go through a DUI checkpoint without being pulled over?"

The answer, explains Santa Ana criminal attorney Michael L. Guisti, is if you see a DUI checkpoint ahead, yes, you do have the legal right to turnaround and not go through it, BUT, when you turnaround just make sure you're not breaking any traffic laws.

So many times, Guisti says, somebody approaching a DUI checkpoint will make a sudden U-turn crossing over the double yellow lines, which gives police the right to pull you over, and if you're not drunk driving you'll likely face a traffic ticket.

Sometimes, according to Guisti, if you're able to turn around without breaking any traffic laws some police departments will keep squad cars posted along the opposite side of the street and nearby side streets to give the intimidating impression you're going to be pulled over if you turn around and refuse to go through their DUI checkpoint. Other times police will simply block off entries to side streets and even block legal U-turns with orange cones to ensure you go through their DUI checkpoint, according to Guisti.

As long as you turned around legally and didn't break any traffic laws there should be no reason you should be pulled over, says Guisti, and if you were pulled-over consider contacting a professional attorney right away.

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