Caretaker Accused of Breaking Into Patient's Rancho Santa Margarita Home

April 24, 2013

Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County - The Orange County Sheriff's Department made a burglary arrest late Tuesday after neighbors reported seeing an unknown person climb into a window of a nearby home.

After arriving and investigating the sheriffs' say the suspect claimed to be a caretaker of an elderly lady who lives in the home, and had permission to enter the house, but however the suspect claimed to have lost her keys to the home.

The elderly woman was reportedly in a nearby hospital receiving treatment for an unknown illness, according to officials.

Later investigation by detectives did reveal that the suspect was a caretaker for the elderly owner of the home, yet it is still unclear if the suspect had permission to enter the home, and sheriffs' are treating this as a burglary and will likely pass their findings to the district attorney.

Irvine criminal attorney Michael L. Guisti explains charges of burglary and even elder abuse are actually a very common problem with caretakers, in-home nurses and for people who deal with elderly people at their homes.

As is the nature of elderly people they sometimes require hospitalization, and the caretaker, nurse and/or maid comes to the elderly person's house to take care of business, and, Guisti explains, sometimes a family member, or neighbor, who don't know what's going on, call the cops, and the person who has been taking care of the elderly person is suddenly arrested for burglary.

Guisti stresses the burglary is a very serious theft crime, and if you're a caretaker or nurse and this is on your record, or even the arrest is on your record, it can making obtaining another job very difficult for you, which is why it's so important to contact an Orange County criminal defense attorney.

Of course, Guisti goes on to say, burglary carries major prison time, and this is why it is just so important if you're an in-home nurse or caretaker and a family member or neighbor is accusing you of breaking in to your patient's home to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Orange County.

Going to jail or prison is the last thing you, as a professional elderly caretaker or nurse, ever expected, and that is why a criminal lawyer who is a burglary defense expert is so important to have in a time like this, to keep you out of jail and protecting your reputation, explains Guisti.

What a good theft crimes expert will do, explains Guisti, is get your case before it goes to the district attorney and show you never, ever had any intent to commit any burglary crime.

Even if you have a burglary arrest on your record you can always have it expunged, and so it will never show up on background checks, says Guisti.

If you're a caretaker or in-home nurse and you've been wrongly accused of breaking into your patient's and now arrested for burglary, then you must contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti.

For over 15 years their theft crimes defense lawyers have won dozens upon dozens of cases where there was a simple misunderstanding.

We know how the law works, and the successful defenses that work, and that is why you must contact us now!