Police Seek San Gabriel Valley Woman for Financial Elder Abuse

April 16, 2013

Irvine, Orange County - Police are looking for a woman who allegedly committed elder abuse and embezzled $350,000 from her elderly father-in-law.

The L.A. Sheriffs' Walnut/Diamond Bar station are searching for 55-year-old Hang Vu whose last known addresses were in Rowland Heights and Phoenix, Arizona.

Deputies said after the mother-in-law died, Vu began to care for the father-in-law who lived in the Diamond Bar area. She allegedly sold his home and emptied his retirement accounts, according to investigators.

Irvine criminal attorney Michael L. Guisti explains that it's very important to understand that in California the crime of elder abuse covers not just physical abuse or even mental and emotional abuse of seniors, but also covers financial abuse of seniors.

Guisti, who has successfully defended cases of his clients accused of elder abuse for several years in Orange and Los Angeles County, says that many of his clients are shocked when, after they were given control and permission over an elderly person's financial assets, and that there was never any physical or mental abuse, that they're suddenly accused of this crime.

There have been several cases where family members of the elderly person in question get involve and think the caregiver of the elderly person is misusing the elderly person's money, and, says Guisti, they decide to start a police investigation. This is why if you're accused of financial elder abuse you need to contact an Orange County elder abuse defense attorney right away.

As for the crime of embezzlement it's important to understand, explains Guisti, that occurs, under state law, when a fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been entrusted has been used for personal gain without that person's, or business', knowledge.

Embezzlement is covered under California's theft crimes laws, says Guisti.

Elder abuse and embezzlement can result in prison terms and very steep fines, and that is why if you've been accused of financial elder abuse, or any type of elder abuse or theft crime, it is VERY important to contact The Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti right away.

For over a decade criminal defense attorney Michael L. Guisti and his legal team have won several cases for their clients of alleged financial elder abuse in Orange County and throughout Southern California.